Hey, it’s me, your friendly neighborhood Leilani (Lay-law-knee) here! *slides down from web* I’m a Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy major. Someday I’d really love to have my own holistic physical therapy practice and specialize in pediatrics and orthopedics/sports medicine. Balancing mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual health is really important to me and so I’d love to treat my future patients with that in mind. I love Spider-Man, if you forget anything about me it better not be this. You can even forget my name but absolutely not this. :-) Outside of APHP I play a lot of video games (I’ve recently joined Fortnite Anonymous because of my growing addiction), doing artsy stuff with spray paint, working out, pretending to be Spider-Man while I climb fake rocks, hiking, cooking yummy stuff for people's tummies, longboarding, finding music gems, writing short films, and adventuring around with my camera. I mainly just want those around me to grow and prosper so I hope that whatever impact you take away from being involved in APHP helps to make you a lovelier person in some way or another, whether it’s now, in your future careers and successes, or with the people who come in and out of your lives. Remember that the universe will always have your best interest in mind and to take each day as it comes, something good comes from everything if you search hard enough. A rose is still beautiful even if you get nicked by it’s thorns. I’m happy to help lead and learn from all of you as one of your wellness officers! Also, you may not be able to spot my co-chair and I because we’ve both mastered the art of standing so incredibly still that we’ve become naked to the human eye. Our movement… is so slow… that it’s imperceptible. *zagnut crunch* If you do happen to see us, come over and say hi, maybe share a couple of zagnuts and show us pictures of your pets!

Hey everyone! My name is Maxene but you can just call me Max. (I would prefer you do so (-: ) You’re probably thinking, “Who is Max?” But I’ll do you one better. “WHY is Max?” I am currently majoring in Pre-Professional Biology and minoring in Kinesiology. Besides APHP and school, I like learning and picking up random hobbies. I like to skateboard, longboard, hike, lift heavy objects repeatedly at the gym, climb fake rocks attached to walls, play guitar, ukulele, piano, play video games, draw, write poetry, eat, travel, and play sports (especially soccer (-:) I played club soccer growing up for over 14 years and I decided not to play in college so I tend to miss it a bit (more like a lot). So if you ever want to play a pick up game let me know because 11/10 times I would like to (-:

I also volunteer at Sunrise Hospital during my free time. I love being able to do the little things that can put a smile on people's faces!

Anyway, most importantly, I have a passion for medicine, especially sports medicine. In the future I plan on specializing in pediatric and adult orthopedic sports medicine. I believe in the emphasis on the overall well being of an individual as far as physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s super important to have a good balance between all of those factors especially as a student. We’re all working hard, struggling and pushing ourselves during this time of our lives and sometimes people forget to take care of their mind and body amongst all their other priorities. I want you all to grow through the experiences and people you encounter through APHP and be the healthy beautiful person that you are!

I’m really excited to meet and get to know all of you! But if you ever have a hard time finding me, It could be because I’ve mastered the art of standing so incredibly still that I can become naked to the human eye. (-;

Leilani Copas

Maxene Vergonia-Fehlman