Vice Presidents

Hafa Adai!  I’m Anna and I was born and raised in Guam before moving here to Vegas with my family several years ago. I graduated from UNLV in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and minors in Chinese, Psychology, and Neuroscience (yes it’s the same as Victoria’s which is why we’re close friends). I’m currently doing my post-bacc here at UNLV part time.  Right now I work full time as the Program Support Assistant at Grant a Gift Autism Foundation which is a non-profit foundation.  I am also involved with Camp Kesem at UNLV as the Volunteer Coordinator and we work to provide a week of free summer camp for children who are affected by a parent’s cancer.  I also currently volunteer with St. Rose Dignity Health Hospitals, and have volunteered over 700 hours there.  I was previously a Humanitarian coordinator in APHP in 2016-2017 and I have always carried a strong passion for volunteering because I attribute so much of my own growth to giving back to others.  If you are ever interested in starting any individual volunteering, please let me know! I’d love to help you find places or organizations that really connect with your interests!  I hope as Vice President Co-Chair this year, we can work to bring APHP members closer together and build strong relationships and friendships with each other!  In my freetime I really enjoy painting, paper crafts, drawing (I really shouldn’t be allowed in Michael’s due to low impulse control and the danger it poses to my wallet), indoor rock climbing, badminton, and going to aesthetic food places to take pictures for instagram.  Feel free to come talk to me about anything, we can chat about life over cute food and chocolate milk!

Anna Gozum 

Hello, my name is Thea (like theta but without the second t). I am a Biology Pre-Professional major pursuing a career in Optometry. I have been a member of APHP for over two years now and previously held a Professional Development officer position from 2017-2018. When I’m not dedicating my time towards APHP or school, I spend it watching Netflix or Youtube, planning out my future Tiny House, or just spending quality time with family and friends. Aside from my hobbies, I have a healthy obsession with anything sweet, pink, or cute so you can expect me to flip out when all those three things are combined. As Vice President, I hope to form a stronger organization by strengthening the bonds between our members. I want everyone to feel welcomed and to know that they can rely on anyone in this organization. My life motto is “See the Good; Be the Good.” I hope to continue viewing life with optimism and offering a kind hand to others. Please don’t hesitate to approach me about anything because I would love to talk to you (seriously, I love to talk)!

Thea Tibayan