Sergeants At Arms

My dream is getting into UNLV SOM. I’m majoring in Biology and Kinesiology with a minor in Chemistry, Neuroscience, and Psychology. I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. I served in the United States Navy as a Nuclear Electrician’s Mate for 6 years, mainly stationed across the Puget Sound from Seattle. After completion of service, I moved to Austin, Texas to work for Samsung and other companies. I moved to Biloxi, Mississippi with my family to attend school as a full-time student prior to moving to wonderful Las Vegas! I really desire to become involved with the campus and the community. I regularly volunteer at UMC in the emergency department and as a research assistant. I’m actively involved in AED, Healthy Rebels, APHP, AMSA, Student Nutrition Dietetic Association, Alpha Phi Omega, Circle K International, and also a member in a few other RSO on campus. I’m usually found in the gym early in morning and the library until late at night. I enjoy working out, learning, eating food, sleeping, and making new friends. If anyone has any questions, needs help, or just wants someone to vent to look no further!

What’s up guys! I’m Simon and you’re watching APHP channel. I am currently pursuing a degree in Biology with a minor in Neuroscience. I currently do research in a lab where we annotate the genomes of bacteriophages that infect Mycobacterium smegmatis and Paenibacillus larvae. I am also a scribe at Dignity Health – St. Rose Dominican. I plan to apply to medical school in the future. I want to attend a medical school that is located in Nevada because I was born and raised in this desert and I want to provide medical care to all those in the Las Vegas community. APHP is a great organization to be a part of and I hope that I can help make APHP great again even though it has always been great. I tell everyone that joins this organization to volunteer because you enjoy doing it and not just to check off a box to help you into getting into professional school. Joining APHP does help in gaining acceptance into professional school but do not let that be the only reason you are joining APHP. Have fun volunteering with your fellow members at each event and I guarantee it won’t feel like a chore to volunteer. Volunteering just to check off a box is one of my biggest pet peeves right next to people who don’t signal when merging in my lane. Have fun in this organization and feel free to ask any of the officers for assistance or advice. We are here to help you, not ourselves and I will make sure of that as Sergeant at Arms. APHP is my mind, body, and soul. If you were to cut me right now you would see that I bleed APHP. I will forever be a member of APHP and so will my future offspring because APHP will run in the family. When I have free time I like to play basketball at the gym, watch youtube videos, play video games (mainly league of legends), and watch an exorbitant amount of anime. For my final statement I want you all to know that life never goes as expected but it is important that you continue to push through any unexpected adversities. Some of you that know me personally are aware that I was stabbed last year and put in the emergency room. I don’t look at that experience as a negative one and I casually laugh at that whole experience because this is just the beginning of my backstory for when I become an Avenger.  Laugh off any adversity that you come across and use it as strength rather than a weakness. Here is a quote that really embodies this sentiment. “Hey I know, I’ll use my trusty frying pan as a drying pan!” – Brock from Pokémon. That’s it for now everyone! I hope we can build relationships that last a lifetime this following year and remember WAKANDA ... I mean APHP FOREVER!

John Yim

Simon Wong